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Top Stunning Flower Shops in Houston | Jessica Yang

Situated between the Medical Center and Downtown Houston, this family-owned flower shop has been around since 1983. Fannin Flowers has various floral arrangements, fresh-cut plants and flowers with seasonal rotations of beautiful products and permanent staples available for purchase. For more than 30 years, this floral shop has been committed to providing high-quality flowers and plants with unique arrangements. You can pick up any of their flower arrangements that are readily available at thei

Drug Trafficker Sent to Prison | Jason Martinez

HOUSTON, TX - Elizabeth K. Fisher, a 51-year-old woman, has been ordered to federal prison after she pleaded guilty on January 11, 2020. Referring to her crime that is a conspiracy to possess with intent to do cocaine distribution, Fisher is sentenced to prison, announced Acting US Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery. On Monday, July 12, Kenneth Hoyt, the US District Judge, ordered Fisher to serve an 84-month-term of imprisonment and five years of supervised release, to be followed immediately thereaft

Houston rapper Trae that Truth opens ice cream store in Katy | Jason Martinez

KATY, TX - On Wednesday, June 23, Houston-based rapper Trae that Truth announced his plan on opening a Howdy Homemade Ice Cream store in Katy on his Instagram account. One of the first franchises for this Dallas-based ice cream shop will open on July 22, also known as Trae Day at 20920 Katy Freeway. Through his Instagram post, the Houston native said that the business will give more opportunities for special needs people to get hired. “We hope to change the way the world looks at everyone,” he

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Recommends Residents to Wear Masks | Jason Martinez

HOUSTON, TX - As the delta variant surges across the Houston region, Harris County's top government officials urge all Houstonians, vaccinated or not to resume wearing masks. In a press conference on July 22, Judge Lina Hidalgo and Dr. Peter Hortez, who is an expert on infectious disease, encourage all residents to stay cautious during this tough time. Hidalgo noted that the delta variant has been growing in Houston and comprises more than 84 percent of cases in the region and the county's COVI

New UHV Faculty Senate President | Jason Martinez

HOUSTON, TX - After beginning his three-year commitment as vice president for the University Houston-Victoria in 2020, Jeff Blodgett is now ready to lead as the president for the faculty. The marketing professor in the UHV School of Business Administration, Blodget will continue to serve the UHV Faculty Senate as the president for 2021-2022. Blodgett said how it is a privilege and honor for him to be the representative of the UHV Faculty Senate. He also explained that the faculty has many rema

Some Acts of Discrimination You May Not Realize

Have you realized that we tend to discriminate a lot in our life? Either it distinguishes people or things, based on appearance, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or even personal association. It all starts with prejudice and our personal stereotype against something and some social groups, then it formed as a negative judgements or attitude. Discrimination occur from inequality that exist in our social system. And it is a bad behaviour that could lead us not just to bad personality tr

World Press Freedom Day: Quick Guides To Spot Fake News

Happy World Press Day! That’s right, May 3 is a date to observe World Press Freedom annually, organized by the UN General Assembly since 1993. The aims for this celebration are to raise awareness whether among journalists, the government, people, or even media professionals who have gone in the line of their duty. This year, “Information a Public Good” is the chosen theme for World Press Freedom Day. It serves as a reminder of the vital role press and media for people across the world. Especiall

Some Qualities of Maudy Ayunda That Might Inspire You

Once again, one of Indonesian young people gained a prestige achievement. Yes, she is our country’s pride, Maudy Ayunda. On April 20 2021, Maudy Ayunda was selected into this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30. She’s been named along with Hwasa and Ji-Eun Lee (IU) from South Korea for the Entertainment & Sports category. Of course there are lots of accomplishments that made her become herself today. Not only that, obviously Maudy has qualities that make her keep going and reaching her goals or dreams. Y

Realita Kehidupan “Nightlife” Yang Tak Selalu “Erotis”

Video mengenai kehidupan seorang “Hostess” dari kanal Asian Boss ini menjawab rasa penasaran saya. Hostess atau “Nyonya Rumah” ini jauh berbeda dari persepsi saya terhadap mereka. Wanita yang menjadi narasumber disini sangat elegan dan berkelas. Sebelumnya, saya mengira pekerja di dunia ini adalah tipe wanita dengan dandanan tebal, memiliki gaya mode yang kontras, atau mengenakan perhiasan secara berlebihan. But not after I saw Miss Hoshino Kurumi. Bukan hanya dari penampilan, cara dia berkomuni